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Disasters happen. It’s sad but true. And when disaster strikes, it can come in the form of IT issues that involve losing data. Important data. Data you’ve worked hard to gather and save meticulously. Don’t let data loss destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for. Call in the advanced recovery consultants.

First: What does “data” mean?

When we say “data” here, we’re talking about any digital information that helps your business run. We’re talking about images, documents, spreadsheets, client databases, and website information. We’re talking about your POS system, your inventory software, and your credit card processing information. And, we’re talking about the systems of encryption, virus protection, firewalls, and malware services that keep your entire data system up and running.

Whatever digital records, marketing materials, internal and external communications, content and client management platforms – all of that is too important for you to lose. All of that is the data that fuels your business’ engine.

Disaster data recovery

Disasters come in many forms. Fire, flood, electrical outages. Sometimes, the damage is so extreme it seems against all hope that you’d get any of your data back. If your hard drive is melted, if your computer gets completely soaked, if your system sits so long it’s so outdated that you don’t have anything compatible to read it. Dust, animal and human hair, being dropped, hit, or physically shaken – you never really know what will cause your computer to go haywire. But when it does, there are advanced recovery options.

While it’s never foolproof, and sometimes the damage is so extensive that the data is lost, it’s always worth it to contact advanced recovery consultants to find out what your options are.

Advanced recovery consultants are skilled at all types of recovery.
Advanced recovery consultants are skilled at all types of recovery.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

One of the most popular ways now to make sure that your data is as protected as possible is to backup the information onto a “cloud server.” A cloud server is not located at your property – it’s in a completely remote location, and these servers are programmed with the highest levels of encryption to protect against hacking and outside intrusion. (Or at least, they should be! Make sure to check the security protocols of your cloud server backup service!)

The reason cloud servers have become so popular is that their remote location protects the data from being damaged by a local (on-site) disaster. These servers are well maintained and taken care of by IT professionals, and they often operate in a network fashion. So, if one server containing part of your information goes down, your data will be automatically backed up on an alternate server and your connection will be rerouted. You’ll never notice the seamless transition – and you won’t be without access to your data.

Local Data Cloud Backup

For many businesses, it isn’t practical to operate on a constant cloud-connected basis. Medical facilities, for example, handle too much data to constantly be sending it back and forth to offsite servers. In this case, advanced recovery consultants may arrange your system so that your local computers and servers operate efficiently and independently of the cloud during main business hours. Then, during slow hours or at certain designated times, your internal system will connect to the cloud and backup all the new data accumulated since the last backup. Again, this system should be seamless, and your IT consultant can help you set the right schedule for your efficiency.

When You Need Advanced Recovery Consultants

Advanced recovery consultants should be ready to help you recover your data at any time. Many offer 24-hour services or can respond to emergencies within 60 minutes. They should be proactive in checking your system’s efficiency, then report to you on the status, without you having to do much. But, when something happens and you need to recover your data from a backup, you will have options and experts at your disposal to help you.

Don't get angry. Call in the advanced recovery consultants.
Don’t get angry. Call in the advanced recovery consultants.

Data may need to be recovered by physically pulling it from the machines on which it was stored. Or, data recovery can involve downloading a backup set of information, then integrating back into the working system. Sometimes this means that plugins, passwords, and other time-sensitive data will need to be reset. When this happens, your professional IT advanced recovery consultants can help you get back up and running quicker than if you tried to do it alone. Never struggle with IT again.