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Today’s world requires that you have top cyber security protection. You’ve heard about hacks, leaks, and intrusions – and you should be concerned about how to keep your data safe. Whether you need security for your home or your business, make sure that you look into which type of cyber security protection is best for you.

Secure Your Computers

The best cyber security protection strategy begins on your central workstation. Designate one person at your home or business to act as your “webmaster” or “security master” – one person or team who is responsible for ensuring that each computer is taken through the proper protocols. No matter the size of your network or organization, having a central administrator can certainly streamline any measures that need to be taken for your cyber security and business operations.

To secure each individual computer, make sure that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other protection software is installed properly. The administrator should have full access to download, modify, access, and manage all software. Make sure that your administrator is not locked out of any system or unable to access software management at a crucial time.

Secure Your Devices

Don't forget your phone is a mini-computer. Keep it protected.

In addition to the desktop or laptop computers at your home or business, you want to make sure that all devices on your network are protected. For your personal or work devices, consider installing protection software and virus scanners. Share security protocols with every team member or family member, to make sure that everyone practices safety measures on their devices. No one should download questionable apps, open suspicious websites, or access other secure networks from a device, unless they are aware of the best cyber security protocols.

Secure Your Network

Your network administrator should set up the best firewall protection and network monitors to protect your entire system. Encryption, VPNs, and professional management can make your entire system safe, and should never be looked over. Especially if you’ve been victim of a hacking or phishing scam before. A full analysis and professional review can identify weaknesses in your network security, and help you patch them before a problem happens.

Cyber Security Protection Tips

The best cyber security protection boils down to common sense. You have been told many of these things before, but they’re worth repeating.

Follow these tips to protect your whole system.
  1. Be password smart. Practice the best password protection possible. Passwords should not be short, they should not be simple, they should not be easy to guess. If you can manage it (and you can) make each password unique. It is much more difficult for every aspect of your life to be compromised, if they are each operating with different passwords. Use a password manager to keep all your accounts separate. Many have apps that you can use on your phone as well as in your web browser and on your desktop.
  3. Beware suspicious emails and websites. Increased security measures online are becoming more standard. Many websites are adding extra protection so that visitors won’t be redirected to fake sites that steal your information. However, not ever site is constructed so well. One of the best ways to keep your entire network safe is to avoid any sites that you’re unsure about their security and protection.
  4. Keep software updated. Like a house with a leaky roof, software protection that isn’t updated doesn’t protect you. If you install a virus protection package, but don’t keep it updated, it means that the viruses will be able to outsmart your system. Any time your software needs to run an update, do it. Even if it’s inconvenient.

Cyber Security Protection is a Team Effort

The best cyber security protection is not up to one person. Unless there’s only person on your network. But, really, you must be concerned about other people, even if no one else accesses your network regularly. Today’s hackers are becoming more sophisticated in stealing data simply by driving by your location, or accessing unsecured networks remotely. Don’t let them target you. Don’t be a victim.

Make sure everyone on your team, in your house, or in your family are on the same page. The best cyber security protection is when your whole team comes together to keep each other safe.